Thursday, January 15, 2015

Working on the resolutions

Yes, it's still only 15 days into the new year, but I am trying hard to keep my resolutions intact.  I've actually spent the past few evenings printing out checklists for my Joe Sakic (4884 cards total) and Jim Thome  (8725 cards total) PCs and crossing out what I have already accumulated.  Now that this task is finally accomplished, I can go about rewriting my want lists (since my "have" lists seemed to create some confusion among a couple of people) for these two guys.

In addition to getting those two guys cleaned up, I've decided to start a 3rd player PC, Brett Lawrie.  I've always wanted to stay away from guys that were on the current Jays roster, and now that Lawrie is wearing the Kelly green and gold of Oakland, I'm free to get that collection started.

I spent about 30 minutes last night digging through the box of Blue Jays duplicates, and found 8 cards to start off the collection.

Not a whole lot, but hey you have to start somewhere, right?

Speaking of resolutions, I mentioned a couple of sets that I wanted to complete.

You may or may not have looked at the Serial Numbered Insanity want list recently.  If you haven't, it has really shrunk in size, as I only need 192 cards to finish the set.  Scott Rolen above was the 50th card for the Cardinals, making them the 9th team to be completed. 

I also have quite a few in my COMC cart (27 to be exact), so rest assured that I'm taking this resolution seriously. 

I also spoke about this set....

Merritt Ranew was one of 9 cards in my last COMC order, bringing the want list down to 90.   This set will most likely be a little more of a drain on my budget than the SNI, but I'm hoping to whittle it down piece by piece over the next 12 months.  7-8 cards a month and I should be right on target.

So while I really haven't written a whole lot this month, I've not been inactive on the card front.

On the contrary, it feels like I'm really getting on a roll with my collection.  That's good, because there's only 350 days left in the year to keep the resolutions going.


thanks for reading, Robert

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