Saturday, January 10, 2015

They have to be 50 or more years old to make this post

It was a pretty good week for me as far as vintage goes.   17 cards from the 59T & 64T sets made their way into my hands this week. 

My third order from Check out my cards netted me 9 cards from the '64 set, leaving me just 90 cards from completion.  Knowing my past history of starting older sets and blowing them off after a short time, getting this far is a major accomplishment for me.

What I've enjoyed about COMC so far is the ability to zoom in on each card and check out the condition.  So far, I haven't been disappointed with the results. 

The Reds team card reminds me that I still have to find reasonably priced team cards for the Yankees and Dodgers.  The Dodgers team card will be tough to find on the cheap because it is in the high # series.

Every time I see the Terry Fox card from now on, I'll think of the Marathon of Hope that was run across Canada by a one-legged runner of the same name.   Terry made such an impact on Canadians back then; I found it hard to believe when looking up articles that it has been 33+ years since his incredible journey across Canada. 

Is it just me, or does the Larry Brown card look as if it was drawn?

I also received another envelope this week, this one from the Night Owl.  As usual, he hits bits and pieces of my Blue Jays want list.  But this time, he added in 8 cards that he didn't know would fit in with my '59 Topps set.

Why wasn't he sure you ask?   Take a look....

These 4 had the letter W written on them in various places.  Two of them, not so bad as they were off to the side.  The Lollar and White cards, well the W was written on their faces.  I'm wondering if Bill Wetmore was the one responsible for this heinous crime.  The cards on the left also have 1959 written on them, just in case who owned them originally forgot what year they were made.  This group I am on the fence about whether to upgrade down the road...

These 4 I would say will probably remain as part of my '59 set.   The Ray Boone is in really nice shape, as is the Marv Throneberry and Hal Griggs.  The writing on these 4 cards doesn't seem to overwhelm the card overall, unlike the top 4 where it just seems that the writing stands out.

Randy Jackson doesn't look like he did on American Idol, am I right?  (Sorry, I just couldn't resist)

Greg, thank you again for the cards, they really are appreciated!!

Just in case any of you are interested, I had to start a new twitter account (the old one was hacked).   I decided to align the new account with the blog, hence the @30aweekhabit moniker.  I'm in the process of finding the accounts of people I was following before, and hopefully adding a few more to the list.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I think if I was collecting the '59 set, I'd do what you're doing, upgrade some of those and keep others. Maybe when the sets all finished I'd even upgrade those last four.

  2. Looks like some kid colored in Larry Brown's teeth.

  3. Just what exactly is it that Bill's got?