Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let 2015 begin

I'm not going to go overboard with my card collecting resolutions this year.   There are a few things that I'd like to do, and if the last quarter of 2014 is any indication, I believe that I can complete and/or start these items.

1.  Finish the SNI project.

Good ol' Edwin Encarnacion is serial # 173, and is one of the 1294 cards that I have towards the set.  My next COMC delivery, which should be sometime next week, will knock the want list below 200 cards.  The final push is on, and I have a feeling that as the set nears completion things should get interesting. 

2.  Finish the 1964 Topps set

As of this writing, I still need 99 cards.  When I receive my next COMC order, that will drop to 90.
Forty out of the ninety are the dreaded high numbers.   A bargain hunting I will go.  It will be very nice to finish this set and be able to show it off sometime during 2015.

3.  Clean up/organize my player collections

Neglected for the past 2-3 months, I need to spend a weekend going through both my Thome and Sakic collections, and get them fully in order.  It's bad.

I also want to start a Brett Lawrie PC this year.  I can do this now that he's no longer a Blue Jay.   Yea, I'm weird like that.   Stay tuned.

If these three items don't keep me busy enough through 2015, then there's always other vintage sets such as '73 & '59 Topps to work on. 

First 3 things first.   Let's see if I can stick with that credo.

Have a great 2015 everyone.



  1. Interested in getting a trade going?

  2. I have a Thome relic if you want to start a trade. Please email me at

  3. Best of luck on your 2015 goals... especially the 1964 set. Didn't know you collected Sakic. I just started picking up his cards last year... although I don't think I have enough to officially say I PC him. Happy New Year!

    1. Sakic was my first PC, been collecting him off and on for over 2 decades. I'm at around 400 of his cards now, looking to increase that even more in 2015...

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