Sunday, January 4, 2015

By the page: No excuses now

I'm hoping that 2015 will be the excuse to get my Jays out of the 5 row monster box and into pages/binders.

I must also mention that one of my wife's Christmas presents should also be the impetus to get this train rolling.   I received a couple of 2" binders, along with 2 boxes of pages to house these cards.

In other words, there's no excuses now.   I have the way, I just now have to find the will.  Let's start off with the 2nd by the page post featuring Roy Halladay.

Top row:  Stuff I'd like to see come back

Not only do these three cards feature Roy in the dark blues, they also feature things I'd like to see come back.

The green and blue borders that Topps featured in the early 2000's were two of my favorites, and I wouldn't be upset in the least to see colored borders on an upcoming flagship release.  I was always a fan of Fleer Ultra as well, right from its quirky inception back in 91 right up to its later releases. 

Yes, Topps needs a little bit of competition.

Middle row:  Lower price points

The MVP card was an easy choice for the center, my opinion of Roy is that he was the team's MVP for several years.  I doubt we'll ever see another set like Topps Total or Upper Deck 40 man, which is probably a good thing for a set chaser like myself, as the sheer size would probably end up frustrating me.

Bottom row:  Sleeveless

I don't know what it is, but I have always liked the sleeveless jerseys with the t-shirt underneath look.  I would not be upset if Toronto, or any other major league team, brought them back (does any MLB team feature this look anymore?). 

Another pretty good looking page of the Blue Jays hurler if I do say so myself.  Over time, I've got enough cards for at least a couple more pages of Halladay cards.   I'm 2 cards short right now of an all horizontal page, which will be an intriguing project for a post.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. It's funny, I'm a little more tuned in to uniform stuff than the average fan, but when you asked about the sleeveless jerseys I just stopped dead in my tracks and thought "That's a good question - Does anybody still wear those?" If anybody does, I'd have to think it would be the Rockies or the Pirates... but I don't know. If they are gone, they died a pretty quiet death.