Monday, December 22, 2014

Simpler times

As I'm getting older, I'm enjoying the wisdom that I'm gaining as I progress in life. 

What stresses me out though is the advance of technology.  The way people think and look at things in today's rapidly changing society.  Especially how we sports enthusiasts look at numbers.

I've always been a math guy, because I love how numbers work.   Today's sports world has truly made me hate how it's progressed, or should I say regressed, into.

WAR.   Ballpark adjusted stats.  Batting average of balls in play.  

Corsi.  Fenwick.

Quarterback rating.  Red zone percentage.

Effective field goal percentage???   Really???

Come on people, are we really that desperate to argue over numbers that we have to create bull shit such as this?

Whatever happened to the old "We scored more than you, so we win" line of thinking?   Does that not exist in the 21st century?

I guess what I'm saying here is that I miss simpler times.

Take me back to the days when skinny shortstops who were great fielders and slapped the ball around the yard were king:

Take me back to the time when parallels were simply gold stamped foil, no numbering needed (yes, I know that goes against everything SNI related, just work with me here).

I wanna go back to the days when they actually sold Cracker Jack at the ball park.  (Do they even sell it at any of the parks now?)

Hell, I'd even settle for going back to a point in time when athletes autographs actually resembled writing.

Tell me that doesn't look like the letters "F" "U" with Toronto circled.

Maybe a few more visits to this town will help me out some....

Hey, when this card was printed, the only bitching you heard around Toronto was how difficult it was to get a ticket to the Jays or the Leafs.

Now, you hear things such as how expensive it is for a beer, per ounce, in comparison to other ball parks.

Yes, I know advanced stats are here to stay.   A lot of the younger journalists need something new to write about.

Doesn't mean I have to like it.....

thanks for reading (if you still are)



  1. Where's the snow you walked to school in, uphill, both ways.....

  2. When it comes to cards... I wouldn't complain if we went back to simpler times. As for data and analyzing statistics... I don't really understand all of the new ways to analyze the numbers. However... as I just commented on The Angels In Order's blog... I do like how we have access to some pretty cool data. For example: which pitchers owned certain hitters and vice versa. I'm sure that information was accessible to people for years... but the internet has made that information at everyone's fingertips, which I think is awesome.

    P.S. Thanks a lot... it's past my bedtime and now I'm craving Cracker Jacks :D

  3. I'm right there with you. Give me At Bats, Hits, Strike outs and Home Runs and I'm good.