Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last call

Thought I'd show the card again for everyone.  I have 77 entries so far for the 1954 Topps Duke Snider card.  They are all listed below.

The Early Birds totaled just 5.   That post is no longer eligible for entries.

If you have promoted the contest on your blog, I have added another entry with the (Promo) listing afterwards.  If you have promoted, and I don't have you listed on here as doing so, please provide the link to the promotion so I can add the extra entry for you.

If you haven't entered yet (shame on you!), you have until 6 pm EST this evening to post a comment here for your chance at the Duke.

Good luck everyone, Robert

1.      Al Kawamoto (Early Bird)
2.      Al Kawamoto
3.      Marcus (Early Bird)
4.      Jedi Jeff (Early Bird)
Jedi Jeff
5.      Dime Box Nick (Early Bird)
6.      Night Owl (Early Bird)
7.      Adam K.
8.      P-town Tom
9.      Red Cardboard
10.   Matt Scott
11.   Hackenbush
12.   Tony L.
13.   Roger
14.   Roger (Promo)
15.   GCRL
16.   RAZ
17.   Mark Hoyle
18.   The Lost Collector
19.   The Lost Collector (Promo)
20.   Nachos Grande
21.   Daniel Wilson
22.   Daniel Wilson (Promo)
23.   Dan
24.   Alex Markle
25.   Dutch Card Guy
26.   Kevin Papoy
27.   Shane Kroeker
28.   Greg Zakwin
29.   Greg Zakwin (Promo)
30.   Max
31.   Max (Promo)
32.   Unclemoe
33.   ARPSmith
34.   Jeff Laws
35.   Wilson
36.   Wilson (Promo)
37.   Play at the Plate
38.   Play at the Plate (Promo)
39.   Hiflew
40.   Deal
41.   Chris Mays
42.   Chris Mays (Promo)
43.   Julie Owens
44.   Julie Owens (Promo)
45.   Captain Canuck
46.   Defgav
47.   GoGoSox60
48.   Spiff
49.   Nick
50.   Need More Cardboard
51.   CynicalBuddha
52.   Tony
53.   Junior Junkie
54.   Praline
55.   Jeff Y.
56.   Aus
57.   Ryan’s Pitch
58.   Ryan’s Pitch (Promo)
59.   Caitlin Jennings
60.   Caitlin Jennings (Promo)
61.   Stealing Home
62.   Jeff S
63.   Jeff S (Promo)
64.   The Angels in Order
65.   Richard
66.   Duane
67.   MMosley
68.   Kyle Brown
69.   Cardman99
70.   Eric Eckstein
71.   Paul Hadsall
72.   Jim Saksa
73.   Bru
74.   Bru (Promo)
75.   Kyle
76.   Robert W. Tompkins


  1. I just want you to know that when I win that card, I'm going to put it in top loader and carry it with me everywhere tweeting pics of it from all over Dallas. At night, I'll take it home and put it on the mantle over the fireplace (which never has a fire in it) so it can watch over my family at night.

  2. Hey Robert - I also promoted it yesterday:

    1. Thanks Kyle, I've got your 2nd entry on my list now.