Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to effectively rid oneself of unwanted '91 Donruss

I had contacted Dennis, the proprietor of the Detroit based sports card blog Too Many Verlanders, the other day and alerted him that I had a few cards that I wanted to send his way.

Dennis confirmed my request to make sure I still had his correct address, and at the same time he let me know that a PWE was headed my way.

That PWE arrived today and I quickly ripped it open, and take a guess as to what the first card I saw was...

Gerald Perry!  1991 Donruss!  Hold on....

Am I collecting this set?  (brain shuts down to think....give me a minute please)   No, I am not.

Royals?   Blue uniform is correct, but the logo is a little off.  Beginning to wonder if I was being pranked.

OK, there's blue tape on the top loader, let's see what's underneath the Perry.

Whew, a couple of cards more my speed!   A pair of serial numbered Bowman cards to add to the SNI project.  The Steven Ramos on the left takes care of the lowest number that was remaining, 29.  The Cardinals are now just 3 cards away from the 50 card goal.  The Frank Herrmann on the right is serial numbered 255/500, and gives the Indians 41 cards in the set. 

Dennis has also been a frequent contributor to the project, as these are cards #40 and #41 that he's sent my way.

Thank you for the PWE Dennis, it is greatly appreciated!

Note:  this post does not constitute an endorsement for anyone out there to send me their unwanted '91 Donruss cards.  Yes, my collecting interests are wide, but not that wide!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Hey, '91 Donruss cards are still packing material for cards that DON'T suck. I'll keep an eye out for more SNI cards at all future shows for you.

    1. Couldn't resist Dennis!! thanks again

  2. Would you view 1988 Donruss with the same jaundiced eye? ;-)

  3. I think I remember a blog post by Night Owl saying that he really wanted everyone to send him any/all '91 Donruss dupes. Something about it being his all time favorite set, I think. Using them to cover the walls of his den, I think.

  4. I've been giving all of my unwanted 1991 Donruss (and 1990 Donruss and 1989 Fleer and...) to the nice men who pick up my recycling.

  5. /packs up all unwanted early 90's cards for Robert....