Friday, November 14, 2014

Cross a couple more serial numbers off the want list

Part of the box of cards that Kyle from the Nolan's Dugout blog included in the box that he sent me last week were a couple more cards to remove from the SNI want list.

I decided to combine these cards with a group of 4 completed pages that I've had sitting in the drafts folder for a while.

Chance Ruffin only pitched in two games for the Tigers during the 2011 season, but that was enough to earn him a card in the Update series that year.  Chance was traded in August of '11 to the Mariners, and has been in their system ever since.

This card is serial numbered 1176, and brings the Tigers up to 34 out of 50.

I don't have very many team cards as part of the SNI set.  This Rockies card is serial numbered 1026, and is the 46th card out of 50 that is required.   Not bad for a team that sat at the bottom as far as cards needed for the longest time.

Page number 87 features one of the 90 cards contributed by retired blogger Ted who wrote the Crinkly Wrappers blog.  The 90 still stands as the most that came from another other source outside my own home...

Page 92 features 6 cards that come from the blogosphere, including the Ramon Ramirez card in the lower right corner from great reader and trader Steve D., who has contributed 12 cards towards the 1500.

The 9 cards on page 83 include the Cameron Maybin in the upper right corner, courtesy of another generous blogger, Pat from Hot Corner Cards.  Pat has contributed 34 cards towards the set, via numerous PWEs that have arrived in my mailbox.

Finally, page #91 includes a Topps Gold Label card of Eric Munson which was sent to me by another great contributor, Max from the Starting Nine blog.   Max is the #2 contributor to this set, with 73 spots having his name on them.

A bit of a rush has started up again the past couple of weeks, knocking the want list down to 237 cards.  I doubt that I'll get down to the 200 mark by years end, but it would be nice to knock off one of the teams that is close (Jays, A's, Rays, Cards and Nationals all need 3 cards or less to hit 50).

thanks for reading, Robert

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