Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bits and pieces

There are some minis that I find too small for my pudgy hands.  The tobacco sized minis, for example, are not conducive to handling. 

The minis that Tony from the Off Hiatus blog sent me recently are better suited for me.  Plus, I didn't have any of the minis from 2014 Topps, so they were most certainly welcome.

Even though they mirror the base set photos (why can't Topps change a few photos, is it really that difficult?), they still look pretty good.  The gold Goins is #'d 27/63, so instead of hitting the SNI set, he goes right into the Jays collection.

The '94 UD Molitor was the last card needed to complete that team set.   So, after deleting all the "completed" teams off of the want list yesterday, I now have another one to remove during the next purge. 

The R.A. Dickey '13 Triple Threads leaves me just needing the Reyes to complete the base portion of that team set.  There are jersey/autos for Gose and Lawrie, but I'm not too worried about chasing those.   I could have sworn that I have the blue gloved Bautista card in the center, but the want list said otherwise, so that one was marked off the list.  The Lawrie cut to the chase card gives me both of the Jays from that particular insert set (Dickey being the other). 

Tony, thank you for the envelope, great stuff!!  It is appreciated.

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Glad you got the cards, Robert. I'm still on the lookout for cards to send to you after those Mathews you sent me!