Thursday, October 23, 2014

I can see why people like these....who wouldn't?

I was fortunate enough earlier this week to be mentioned on one of the newer blogs in town.   Julie from the A Cracked Bat blog was kind enough to show off the envelope that I had sent her way.

That Kaline was a purchase from the last monthly show I attended at the beginning of October.  I thought of her right away when I saw that card, knowing that I had to repay the generosity she had shown me and my Blue Jays collection.  That knowledge made the Kaline an easy pick up. 

Even if I didn't send the card her way, it would have found an instant home in my collection.

I then made my way to the one table that I hit for all of my vintage.  I was able to put a nice dent into my '59 Topps set, but the cards that piqued my interest even more were these...

Ray, the vendor, had a nice 10 pack of these for a very reasonable price. 

These cards are evil.  I can see why people like them.   They're gorgeous.

I decided to grab them.   Great trade bait they would make, I thought to myself.

I knew that the Night Owl was slowly chipping away at this set.   I sent him three the very next weekend.

Now I'm torn.   The '56 set is fantastic, but likely out of my price range (at least in the near future).  I knew little about '56T, so I took a quick look.   340 card checklist!!  That certainly is a lot more attainable than the sets I'm working on now, which are anywhere from 572 cards (59) to 787 cards (72). 

I didn't have the money at the beginning of the month, but Ray told me that the other '56 lot he had will probably be available in November.

71 cards--71 dollars.

A little more than a fifth of the set, for mere peanuts as far as vintage is concerned.

I might be in trouble the first weekend of November.   Stay tuned.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. There are worse ways to spend your hobby money.

  2. That's only 2 1/2 weeks worth....

  3. Great price. Like Hackenbush said "Go for it."

  4. Just to offer a counterpoint... I've come to love this set but I'm decidedly not going after a complete set. I don't need to have stars to enjoy these cards, so I am instead picking up any relatively cheap commons I run across.

    1. Point taken. I don't know if I could stand just having a few of them, but that might be the way it has to be.

  5. you picked up some very good-looking cards! thank you again for your generosity. I was more than surpised when I open the package. I couldn't close my mouth for quite some time. (Those that know me would say that's nothing new.)