Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The evolution

I've been very fortunate while writing this blog.   I've developed relationships with people that I never would have dreamed possible when I started this mess blog back in 2011. 

I have places to send cards now that don't belong in my collection.   Teams such as the Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, Tigers, White Sox, Rangers and Mets all have "homes".   When I see parallels or hits for these teams, the thought process now is "that goes in XXXX's pile" (substitute your favorite bloggers name here for those teams). 

I can also say that I believe that there are one or two people out there that look at a Blue Jay card and say "I think I'll send that to Robert, he likes Blue Jays and I'd like to have these out of my house". 

I guess you could say that over time this is the natural evolution for someone who blogs regularly (well at least I did until recently). 

I can now say that I've started to develop relationships with a couple of other bloggers from teams that I haven't had the opportunity to move in the past.

The Brewers are now one such team.  Tony at Off Hiatus Cards has sent me some great cards in the past, and seeing Milwaukee cards in packs now means I have stuff to send his way (including these 3 if he so desires).

The Pirates are now another team that has evolved in my corner of the blogoshpere.  Matt from Bob Walk the Plank (great blog name BTW) has sent me a couple of great envelopes recently.  Not only has he added some great stuff to my Jays collection, the Jim Thome patch card I showed off the other day is probably the prize card in that PC.  Finding these cards in Topps packs instantly starts another envelope to send down to Mountaineer country.

There's a third team as well that may just be starting its evolution as well....

What?  Cough....

It appears that I may have some competition now for those beloved Blue Jays doubles that may end up in your lap.  Kevin from The Card Papoy has started a Blue Jay/New York Knicks blog (now that's a combination!!), and so far so good from what I've read.   Kevin already has a substantial Jays collection, which I'm hoping to add to by shedding a duplicate or two from the doubles box.

I may have to brush up on my French in the near future.  

I imagine that's part of the evolution....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. thanks for the link !
    I have a big stack of Blue Jays for you, please send me your address and they'll be headed your way !

  2. always accepts Cubs, as you know... feel free...: ) always enjoy the blog...

  3. Thanks for looking out for me. I always enjoy swapping cards with you. Glad you liked that Thome.