Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just in case you've forgotten

Serial numbers 199-207
Here's 5 more pages of serial numbered insanity to remind you that there are 246 cards still needed to complete the set.  The Orioles Sean McAdams was the final card needed to complete this page.  Serial contributor Max from the Starting Nine blog is the only person responsible for multiple cards on this page.

Serial numbers 415-423
It's been rare that I've been responsible for at least 4 cards on a page, but the page above is one of those occasions.  Brian from PATP comes in with a couple of contributions in this group of nine. 

Serial numbers 91-99
This page of double digit numbers leaves me with just 2 of them left to complete.  Both Max and Brian were responsible for 2 cards each on this page....

Serial numbers 379-387
Nobody was responsible for providing more than one card on this page; however there are a few retired/inactive bloggers responsible for cards on this page, so if you guys are out there still reading this, thank you again!!

Serial numbers 289-297
Finally, 3 of the 9 cards on this page came from across the big pond.  Simon from the 7 hours from Tampa Bay blog provided two of these, while Jeroen the Dutch Card Guy chipped in as well.   Greatly appreciated guys, thank you!!

I haven't even updated the spreadsheet with a new card since the end of August, one of the quietest periods I've had for this set in a long time.

I guess everyone is just giving me time to catch up on the mega piles of cards that litter my desk right now.  

Also remember, if you're looking out for serial numbers for this set, the Yankees, Mets and Angels are all completed.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. It's all my fault that you're not getting more cards. I've been too busy and neglecting my duties!!!!

  2. Nah, never your fault my friend. I've kind of been busy working on other stuff instead of SNI...

    Hope all is going well with the new gig!