Monday, September 15, 2014

Cards from an envelope not autographed by Tommy John

I'm sure that the few people out there who read my blog regularly are well aware of the Night Owl's meeting with Tommy John at the post office last week.  (If not, click the link to either read the post, or to refresh your memory)

I received a tweet on Friday from Greg that kind of perplexed me until I read his blog later that evening:

No worries here though.  I was just happy to be getting an envelope of cards that I had requested.  Since I started the blog Greg has come through with many great packages that have enhanced my collection.

When Greg offered everyone a chance to dig into his massive piles of Dodgers duplicates, I dove in and asked for a few cards from the 78-80 Topps set.   Greg was more than happy to oblige (at least I think he was).

13 great cards from the '78 set are now in my inventory.  It's been a long time since I've seen any players wear batting helmets without the ear flaps.  Seeing those takes me back to simpler times...

I'm 100% positive that he may have been slightly mad when he packed up this envelope, because I found a couple of Ron Cey cards inside.   My best guess is that they were probably octuples, because there's no way that the top drawer versions of Mr. Cey would find their way here to my house.

A total of 21 1980 Topps cards found their way here as well.  It was pretty cool to look through all the cards and see some of the great names that played for the Dodgers in that era. 

The primary reason that I asked for these cards is that I intend to build these 3 sets over time.  I figured if I could get some cards on the cheap to get me started, why not?  Hopefully, I put a dent in the massive Dodger doubles inventory that Greg possesses. 

I guess it's time to start adding a few more checklists to the spreadsheet. 

Only 2127 cards left to finish these 3 sets...

Thank you for the cards Greg, they really are appreciated!! 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. If you're serious about building those sets, I could literally give you a huge jump start for all of them. Are you looking for a slow build or a fast build? ;-)

    1. I'm not averse to a fast build. Send me an email Tony and we'll discuss the details...