Tuesday, September 16, 2014

By the page: 1988 Score

As I went through the box of Blue Jays and came across more and more of the '88 Score version, it just seemed that there was an easy way of putting together a page for this.

By color.

It was so simple, even I could put together a page quick and easy....

Top row:  Purple

Even though 1987 was Fred McGriff's first full season in the majors, this '88 Score was released 2 years after his RC ('86 Donruss).

Middle row:  Blue

Bottom row:  Red

I bet that I could have come up with one more card to make this a row of "faces obscured" cards.  At least you can see half of Mulliniks' face...

I wonder why Score used the white box inside the border for this set, kind of looks weird huh?

This brings the total up to 211 cards out of the box now.  With the massive influx of cards that have come in lately, I'm going to have to buy a bigger box.  I just can't keep the 3 row shoe box empty.

If you haven't voted on this week's semi final match up yet, you can head here and cast your ballot.  '74 currently has a slight lead on '63....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Robert,

    I like this idea! I recently acquired the factory set, which I haven't sorted yet. It's still lined up by color, straight off the press - almost looks like there are six Topps Traded sets back to back in the box.

    Glad I finally clicked over to your blog!

    Adam (Infield Fly Rule)