Sunday, August 3, 2014

Somebody had to give this card a good home

One of my goals while at the National was to finally reach the 80% plateau for the 1964 Topps set that I've been building.  On top of that, I wanted to pick up one of the two big pieces that I had in mind. 

On Saturday, I found a table that had quite a few '64 cards, and he actually had 2 Clemente's in one of the display cases.  I asked to see them, and right away the price tags jumped at me.

$125 and $150.   Well beyond what I wanted to pay.  I was honest and I immediately told him that.  I asked if he had something a little more off grade. 

I saw this one, and as you can see, it's beat up a bit.   It still had a price tag of $50 on it!!  I was beginning to think that the Clemente cards have some kind of rare metal in their make up.

I got the card down to $40, and now it's part of my set.  A character card to say the least. 

I bought 17 '64 cards yesterday, at a total of $91.   It gave me a quick reminder that I'm at the point in the set where the $$ amount is going to go up, because I still have a few star cards to buy and there are also a bunch of high numbers that I still have to obtain. 

Now that I've hit the 80% mark (another Jan. 1st goal finished!!), I'm going to try and get the set down below 100 cards needed.  I need 114 right now.

I may have to find more cards like the Clemente that need a good home...if you know what I'm saying.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Congratulations Robert! Although high grade vintage is sexy... there's just something to be said about cards with character. That Clemente is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Fuji!! In the end it's going to be about being able to look at the set and enjoy it, not piecing it together so I can flip it to make a quick buck...

  2. Congrats on hitting 80 percent! The Clemente is an absolute beauty.

  3. Great card! I have a small Clemente collection and have yet to pick up any of his vintage due to the price tag. I may have to go your route and pick up a well loved one.