Sunday, August 31, 2014

By the page: Score '91 Traded

Hard to believe that a team could actually end up with a page worth of cards from a traded set.  The Blue Jays managed this with 9 cards out of the 110 that appear in this release, including the RC of long time reliever Mike Timlin.

Top row:  Pitchers and a guy who hits for the pitcher

Timlin turned out to be one of the most durable relievers during his 18 year career, the first 5 1/2 being spent in a Jays uniform.  Timlin pitched in 70+ games during a season 4 times, and had 60+ appearances in another 6 seasons.  Candiotti was a true rental for the Jays, only pitching in 19 games during the '91 season.  Pat Tabler's favorite pitcher to hit against?  The numbers suggest that it's Tommy John (.520--13/25).

Middle row:  Robbie, Eddie and Cory

Ed Sprague Jr. had a slightly longer career than his dad, Ed Sprague Sr. did, lasting 11 years in the bigs compared to Senior's 8.  Alomar is still the only Blue Jay to have his number retired (12) by the club.  Not bad for having played in T.O. for only 5 seasons.  Snyder's time in Toronto was quite forgettable; he wound up moving on to San Fran and Los Angeles to be a utility man for the next three years.

Bottom row:  The outfield

It's not too often that a team replaces their entire outfield from the previous season and wins a division title.  The 1990 Jays outfield consisted of George Bell, Mookie Wilson and Junior Felix.  Bell signed a free agent deal with the Cubs, Wilson became the 4th outfielder in Toronto and Felix was traded to Anaheim for White.  One of these days, I'm going to have to make a Devon White page, simply because he loses his equipment (helmets/bats) on more cards than anyone I've ever seen.

Interesting choice of the red border by Score for the '91 Traded set.  121 cards out of the box now and into pages.   Over the next couple of days you're going to see a major dent put into the piles on my desk.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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