Sunday, August 31, 2014

By the page: Eric Hinske

When I saw Eric Hinske coaching 1st base for the Cubs earlier this season, I was shocked.  I thought to myself "it wasn't that long ago that he was playing for the Jays, right?"

Sure enough, his career ended last year after 12 seasons in the bigs, which included a Rookie of the Year win in 2002 in Toronto (.279/24/84). 

Top row:  2003 Topps

What better way to start off the page than with cards from the year after his rookie season.  I especially like the Topps 206 card in the center...

Middle row: PDF

Anyone else think that Playoff Prestige was a cheap knock off of the Gold Label releases of the previous few seasons?  Diamond Kings have always been a favorite of mine, and placing that card in the middle was a no-brainer for me.  

Bottom row:  Reaching

As you can see, towards the end I was a little limited in what I had to choose from as far as Hinske cards go.   The shot of him warming up with a bad on a tarp (?) was an interesting one.

What would have made this page better is a 3rd "art" card for the bottom center.  All in all, the page didn't turn out too bad for a guy who didn't have a very long career (5 years) in Toronto.

Up to 130 cards now out of the box.  Still have quite a few of these posts coming your way; enjoy them along with your Sunday!

thanks for reading, Robert

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