Tuesday, August 5, 2014

By the page: 1985 O-Pee-Chee

I spent a little more time last night pulling a few cards out of the Blue Jays box, trying to get some more pages together.  I currently have a lot of pages set up for players, but not a whole lot for sets (largely because most of my older Jays were in pages long before I started this).  I was able to find a couple of pages worth of sets last night, including this fabulous looking 9 from the 1985 O-Pee-Chee set.

Top row:  Shampoo Shots

Pretty much head and shoulder shots here.  Yes, that's as close you're going to get for a smile from Damaso Garcia.

Middle row:  In the field

Roy Lee Jackson made it on to a Blue Jays card in '85 despite not throwing an inning for the Jays that season.  He was released on April 1st, signed with the Orioles a month later and was traded to the Padres in June for Alan Wiggins (remember the speedster?).   Iorg and Mulliniks were largely platooned at 3rd base in '85; both of them had very good seasons offensively as part of the Jays first AL East division championship team.

Bottom row:  Shaker and a couple of guys you may have forgotten were in Toronto

Lloyd "Shaker" Moseby was a part of what was called the best outfield in baseball (at that time).  Lloyd was in the middle of a 5 season stretch in which he played 150+ games in CF for the Jays.  Jeff Burroughs started as the regular right handed DH for the Jays in '85, but was replaced by Cliff Johnson who was reacquired by the Jays in August.  Willie Aikens was in Toronto briefly that season, only getting 20 ABs. 

Outside of Burroughs, all the Jays are featured in their road blues.  Guess Topps didn't take too many photos back in the old Exhibition Stadium in the 80's...

Up to 94 cards out of the box now...almost enough room to put another stack in.

Wait a minute....

thanks for reading, Robert

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