Monday, August 4, 2014

A moment of clarity

At the 4 hour mark on the 2nd day I was at the National, my body was starting to feel it.  Tired, achy and somewhat bitchy, I decided to take a last look at the 100-500 aisles before getting ready to pack it in.

For those of you who read my plan going into the show, you may remember that the Blue Jays weren't even mentioned.  I didn't want to worry about picking anything up that was Toronto related, largely because I had several other wants that needed taking care of.

As you well know, sometimes I just can't help myself.   I found a table that was selling jersey scraps cards at 6/$10, so I found a bunch in there that I thought would find their way to some good homes.  A couple of examples are below:

Blue Jays +'64 design equals new additions to the collection.

Now, back to the end of the 2nd day.  I found a booth that seemed to have acres of cards in card savers.  They were sorted by team, and upon seeing this, I decided to sit down and start looking through the Blue Jays section to see if there was anything that struck my fancy.

As I start flipping through the cards, I see Topps gold, serial #'d Triple Threads, Topps Unique and so on.  A serial numbered set builders fantasy....

Then the proverbial light bulb came on in a moment of clarity.   "I've been bitching for months now about teams like the Rockies and Orioles lagging behind in the number of cards for the SNI set".  Sure enough, a half monster box full of Rockies to go through.  Same goes for the Orioles.

14 Rockies and 8 Orioles cards later, both teams are out of the hole.  The team in the basement as far as the SNI set goes now?

The Tigers have 33 cards, and 2nd from the bottom are the Mariners at 34.  At least I have a couple of new teams to bitch about now! 

And to think I was going to bring home a bunch more Blue Jays.

Shame on me....

thanks for reading, Robert

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