Sunday, July 13, 2014

Putting some pages together

One page, one post.  I see it all the time out there.  Easy, simple, and for me, putting together some pages for my Blue Jays binders will actually start emptying my 3 row shoe box that is full of Jays cards. 

Between getting these posts together, and taking the time to get the trade list back on the blog, I'm hoping that I'll start to see the clutter that is on my desk start to drop down some.  So, without further delay, let's get the process started.

This page is going to be really easy to put together, 9 cards of '91 Score.   Yes, not the most exciting set to look at, but at least it's 9 cards out of the box.

Top Row:  Todd Stottlemyre, Dave Stieb, Wilie Blair

If I told you that one of the two starters won 15 games in 1991, I'm sure that many of you would jump on Stieb right away.  Dave Stieb unfortunately would only start 9 games for Toronto that year, while Todd Stottlemyre was one of 3 15 game winners in the rotation (Key and Wells were the others).   Willie Blair had a Jays card even though he had been traded to the Indians in the off season for Alex Sanchez.

Middle Row:  Jim Acker, Jimmy Key, Tom Henke

Key was already mentioned above, Acker had a tough year in the pen for the Jays, posting a 5.20 ERA in 54 outings.  Tom Henke was established as the Jays closer, and in '91 he saved 32 games while posting a 2.32 ERA and a WHIP less than 0.9.

Bottom row:  Mookie Wilson, Rance Mulliniks, Rob Ducey

Wilson and Ducey were two of 9 outfielders that the Jays used during the 1991 season.  Rance Mulliniks' career would be at its sunset in 1991.  Rance would DH in 81 out of the 86 games that he appeared in, hitting .250 with 24 RBI's. 

That's 9 less in the box.  Only a couple of hundred pages to go...

thanks for reading, Robert

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