Thursday, July 24, 2014

Page me, page me not

I still have quite a few cards from the many packages I've received over the past week that I need to go through and catalog/remove from the want list.

For tonight's post, I figured that I would take a few of the cards that Max sent me, and go through a few of the players and see if they were "page worthy". 

How many cards will I show off tonight?  Let's let Paul Molitor answer that...

I have always liked baseball players as part of a playing card set, especially when they are hall of famers such as Mr. Molitor.  

Is this going in a page?  Absolutely.  The card even tells me what position in the page to put it into.  I already have 2 pages worth of cards for Molitor, so this is probably going to bump something back into the box.

I always liked Pat Hentgen, largely because he was a battler on the mound.  This 1993 Leaf card is OK, but I don't think it's going to be part of a Pat Hentgen page.  It will probably end up as part of a team set page instead.

This is one guy that I really want to succeed in a Blue Jays uniform.  So much so that the Jays jersey that I own has his name and number on the back.  I guess there's just something about Canadians playing for the club that really sparks my interest.   This card will definitely be part of a page for Mr. Lawrie.

I remember the name Felipe Crespo, but I couldn't remember a lot about his time with the Jays.  A little refresher with baseball reference reminded me that he was with the Jays for 3 seasons in the late 90's, and only played 2 more seasons after that.  Crespo probably will not get a player page, and this card will probably end up with a couple of other Aficionado cards that I have...if and when I find them.

I could sit here and gush all night about the Topps Gold Label cards and how much I have liked them over the years.  This card, to me, is great.  It will find its way into a Shawn Green page sooner rather than later.

Shiny?  Yes.   Logos?  Nope.  Would absolutely love this card if it had the Jays logo on it.  It'll probably end up on a Panini page rather than a R.A. Dickey page, because to me it'll stick out like a sore thumb on a player page.   I'll put it with its Panini friends, and it'll be happy there.   Trust me.

A page for Dave Stieb?  You better believe it.   Enough cards to fill a page that aren't already in 80's and early 90's team pages that are lying loose? That's a different story.  Stieb is one of those "must have" players that must have a page dedicated to them, but I'm going to have to find some newer releases and out of the norm issues in order to put a page together.   Stay tuned for that one....

There will be a day when I have every Blue Jay card that I own organized, and in a 9 pocket page.

What date that will be, I have no idea.  I don't think that I'll even try to set that date as part of a New Year's goal.  Maybe to start a new decade??

thanks for reading, Robert

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