Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting ready for Friday

Part of the task of getting ready for Friday is this post.  One of the goals I have for the National this week is to knock down the SNI want list as much as possible.  In order to do that, I have to update my current list.  Which means you're getting a post of the remaining 14 serial numbered cards that were part of the envelope that Max sent me last week.

Mike Leake is serial #'d 1283 and is card 41 for the Reds out of 50.
Charlie Morton is serial #'d 789 and is the 36th card out of 50 for the Pirates.
Nate Eovaldi is serial #'d 929, and now the Marlins have 35 out of their 50 cards for the set.

Vicente Padilla is serial #'d 1020, and Scott Podsednik is serial #'d 1110.  These two bring the Dodgers total up to 35.
James Loney, the former Dodger, is serial #'d 1404 and gives the Rays their 45th card toward the set.

A pair of Astros brings the team total to 31, leaving the Orioles and the Rockies as the only teams below the 30 mark.  J.D. Martinez is serial #'d 1043, while Erik Bedard is stamped with the # 1227.

The Diamondbacks now have 35 out of their 50 cards thanks to Brandon McCarthy (823) and J.J. Putz (777).  Brian McCann's card gives the Braves 41 cards towards the set.  His card is #'d 1085.

Does anyone out there realize how hard it is to type Alburquerque?  Because of that I'll only do it this once.  Al's card is serial #'d 904.  The other Tiger is Torii Hunter, serial #'d 847, and the two of them bring the Tigers total up to 33.
Kevin Correia is the final card of the post, 1015 are his digits, and the Twins are now at 33 as well.

With only 342 (lol only) cards to go, the set stands at 77.2% complete.   If I can get out of the National at 80% complete (42 more cards to hit that goal), I'll be happy. 

I also believe that this run of cards I've posted recently is going to get another page or 2 completed.  Stay tuned for that as well....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Good luck at the National! I was wanting to go, but I couldn't get the time off work. I hope you find some awesome stuff my friend!

  2. Enjoy the National, Robert. At least it's not in Albuquerque!