Thursday, July 10, 2014

base+parallel+serial number=PWE

If there's one person out there that has become a major benefactor for this blogger, it's Pat from the Hot Corner Cards blog.  Pat has sent me numerous PWE's, each one always hitting multiple want lists.  Almost as if the lists were his own....

Let's start with the base.  Only one card, but to me it's a great shot of lefty Brett Cecil and his tattooed left arm getting ready to throw what appears to be a knuckle-curve.  I might go for his look the next time I need new glasses.   OK maybe not...

This next Jays card I really like....

The red bordered parallel combined with the red Canada Day Jays uni is a great look, and capturing the knuckle ball about to be thrown makes this card a fantastic add to the collection.  Insert your own jokes about red and dickey here, you know you want to.

Finally, what's a PWE from Pat without one more hit to the SNI want list.

As far as I know, C.C. Lee is not related to Cliff Lee.  There's not a whole lot to say about this Lee's career so far, because it consists of only 19 appearances in relief over the past 2 seasons.  This card is serial numbered 1110, and is the 40th Indians card out of the 50 I need for the set.  There's now 1133 cards accounted for, and the Yankees are still the only team that's complete so far.

Thank you for the cards Pat, they are appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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