Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sometimes good things happen by accident

Once in a while, I'll take a peek at the auctions on Sportlots.  I think I may have won a couple of them over the time I've been on the site, but I don't spend a great deal of time perusing their auctions.

Last week, on a lark I bid on a few vintage card auctions, putting up a disgustingly cheap max bid and letting the chips fall where they may.  I didn't expect to win any of them with the amount that I bid.

Surprise, surprise, I wake up Sunday morning to find out I won a 3 card lot of '57 Topps.  Take a look:

Yes, the Bobby Avila is off center, and the Dave Pope has a crease or 3, along with some very soft corners on the bottom. 

But when I can add 3 more cards from the '57T set to my collection for a whopping fifty cents (plus shipping), I'm not going to complain too loudly.

Even the mrs. was shocked when I told her the final bid. 

Maybe I should go buy some Powerball tickets tomorrow.   My luck couldn't have run out already, right?

thanks for reading, Robert