Sunday, June 29, 2014

Raising the Delabar

It's so easy to say that it always bears repeating.  As far as the card collecting universe goes, there are none more generous than those I've encountered in the blogosphere.  For nearly 3 years I've been a part of it, and it's almost as if everyone is trying to top the other. 

I reached out to Judson over at My Cardboard Habit when he asked everyone to send him their series 2 doubles towards building the set.  A lofty goal, and one that I can completely admire.   If I could build a set on trading alone, I'd be all for it.  Anyhow, I had 10 doubles to start him off, and I offered to send the cards to him, no questions asked, nothing expected in return.

Who doesn't want to move the doubles out of their collection, right?  It's even better when the cards get into the hands of someone who wants them.  I didn't need anything in return, nor did I ask.  As of yesterday, because of Judson's appreciation, I now am the proud owner of this beauty.

Yes, I know that my play on words is horrible, but when I score a Blue Jays certified auto in trade (appreciation was the word Judson used) for 10 series 2 cards from Topps, I have to say that the bar has been raised in terms of blogger generosity. 

Delabar has had a tough time this year in Toronto, so much so that they optioned him out recently to Triple A Buffalo.  It's not too often that a 30 year old pitcher gets optioned to the minors.  I'm hoping that he can regain his all star form of 2013 and get back to the Jays to help maintain their slim lead in the AL East.

Judson, from one habit to another habit, thank you very much for this card!!  It is really appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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