Monday, May 26, 2014

What is the proper response for a "Double Bipping"?

The other day I documented a 9 card lot of 1964 Topps I received from Marc at Remember the Astrodome.   The same day I received that bubble mailer, I received a 2nd, unexpected one from JT Steele.  It was full of 80's & 90's Blue Jay cards, including a card that I've always liked, and is a favorite in my collection.

1992 UD Blue Jays team checklist, featuring Dave Stieb.   I love Mr. Wells artwork here, the roof open at the dome with the CN Tower peeking through the opening.  While I tell everyone that I'm at home in the U.S. now, cards such as this that feature some part of the Toronto skyline always make me a little nostalgic (OK, maybe misty eyed is a better phrase). 

When I first opened this envelope, I went through it quickly because it was Friday, and I had other things on the agenda that evening.  Today, I took a closer look at the cards, and noticed that there were a bunch of the Topps Big cards from 1988 in there.   As a matter of fact, there were a lot more of them than I thought should have constituted a team set.

Then I started sorting through them.....

that's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on there.

even more featuring Kelly Gruber! 

Now I know that this isn't a true bipping, as I've seen guys get a mountain of a certain player in their envelopes.   But I feel like I've been kind of bipped.   Does that count?

I have always wondered what people said to the other when they were bipped.  I guess I'll say what I always do.

JT, thank you for the cards, much appreciated!!  No matter what is in an envelope that shows up at my door unannounced, I'm always grateful that someone out there is thinking of me.

Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone, and please be safe no matter what you're doing!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'm not an expert, but I'd definitely categorize the Moseby and Gruber cards as a bipping. As for the Steib... that's an awesome card.

  2. sorry for the Big octuplets of Gruber, but i figured why not? i dont really have any other Jays collectors to split them up to.. I could have sent you a dozen of those Alomar Performer cards, but i didnt..: )