Friday, May 30, 2014

This card should have went to another blogger

Building on last night's post about a couple of PWE's from Pat at the Hot Corner Cards blog, I actually found a trio of '62 Topps cards in one of them.  While checking the 3 cards off of the want list, I immediately was struck with the cartoon on card #92 of Sam Jones:

Of course anyone who is in touch with the blogosphere sees the cartoon and thinks of Matt Scott's blog Bob Walk the Plank (OK maybe it's just me who thinks like that).  I've seen his name so often on trade posts lately I'm beginning to wonder if he owns his own card shop.

Matt, I think you need to steal this photo and put it as your backdrop for a few days....just a suggestion.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Haha. That is awesome! The Pirates have walked the plank a bunch so far this year.

    I don't own my own card shop, but for about 7 year stretch every penny I earned went to my card collection. That is why you see a lot of cards from the mid 2000's. The card renaissance was a perfect storm of having expendable income and being single. It was a glorious time.

    By the way I have some Blue Jay cards so maybe you and I can trade. Have any Pirates? My email is