Thursday, May 15, 2014


I mentioned in yesterday's post that there is always that one card in an envelope that stands out above the others.  The Bill Singer card was very cool and an unexpected pleasure from Max at the Starting Nine blog.

There were two other cards that also got my attention, and could have been the stand out card in many other envelopes.

First, a little purple for your Thursday evening?

I don't remember seeing any purple parallels anywhere in the blogosphere for the '14 Topps set, and then Jose Bautista makes his way to my door step.  I like it.  Great shot of Jose swinging for the fences, and the purple is nice and dark, which is much preferred to a lighter shade such as lilac (did I really just write that???)

This next card of Aaron Loup is really an arm bender.

Baseball is wondering why there are so many Tommy John surgeries?  Good God man, look at this photo, it just screams ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction.   Say that five times fast.

Max, thank you for the cards, they are greatly appreciated!!  As always, a fantastic envelope...

Now it's time to get prepped for the card show, because I'm actually going tomorrow night!!   An unexpected gift from my wife, who was willing to fore go our regular Friday night out so I can attend. 

Spoiled rotten...yes, I know.

Thank you for reading, Robert


  1. After wincing, and then looking again, and then wincing, and then looking again, and then wincing, and then looking again...I can't look at that Loup more time...(argh! wincing)...

    A "lighter shade of lilac." I'm impressed, Robert. Nice card, too.