Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Deface the face

It's funny to see what some people have done to vintage cards.  Yea, you get your cards that have been put in the bike spokes, or thrown against a wall trying to knock down other cards that were propped up against said wall.

But the funniest thing is when kids write on cards.  Back in the day, kids would draw mustaches or glasses on cards, just to make them look funny.

I bought a 200 card lot of '71 Topps last winter, and pretty much set them aside until recently.  The cards for the most part were pretty beat up, definitely worth the cheap price tag.  There were about two dozen cards that had writing on them, likely from some industrious lad who was aware of the player's change in teams.

This change on the Ken Suarez card was made in 1972, since Ken played the 1971 season with Cleveland.  At least the "Tex" on his left cheek was neatly written.  Suarez was a backup catcher for all of his 7 seasons in the bigs.

As opposed to the Suarez card, the Jim Hannan change was likely made during the '71 season.   Hannan was traded by the Tigers to the Brewers on the 11th of May for two players who never played for the Tigers, or anywhere else in the bigs after 1971.  Jim appeared in 21 games after the trade to the Brewers, compiling an ERA just over 5 before retiring at the age of 31.

Elliott Maddox's face is almost completely covered by the letters SF.  Not sure why though, because Elliott never was a part of the Giants organization.  1971 was the only season that he played for the Senators, hitting .217 in 258 ABs.  Maddox went on to play with the Rangers, Yankees, Orioles and Mets during the 70's, before finishing his career in the Phillies organization in 1981. 

I'm sure that the kid who had these cards didn't think outside the box and try to update the cards in the open spaces that were available outside of the face.

If it were me, defacing the face with a mustache and glasses would have been a little more fun.  Worst case scenario, I would have gotten all the teams right...


thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice touch the 'face tattoo'.

  2. I gave a few old hockey like this in my collection

  3. My best friend growing up had a brother. Their mom took all their cards one day and wrote Tommy on Half and Scott on the other.

    It was the 78-79 OPC Hockey Set

    So if you ever see one..