Saturday, May 24, 2014


It's been a while since I actually completed an actual trade with a fellow blogger.   My relationship with a lot of my trade partners has developed to the point where we just send each other cards without a formal "I'll send you this if you send me that" type of email.

Informal is probably the best way to describe it.

Not that formal trades aren't welcome, as was this one with Marc from the Remember the Astrodome blog.  Marc made my day by offering me a page worth of 1964 Topps towards the set I'm building.  He's got a few 67's and 68's on their way to him in return.

The Schwall and Hinsley/Wakefield cards are both from the high series, so they are most welcome here.  Not that the other 7 cards weren't, because they bring me a few cards closer to the 80% goal.  That goal is now only 18 cards away, and I'm hoping to have the goal met by the time the National ends in August. 

Speaking of older sets, the 2nd play in game for the What's Next? tournament went live as of noon today.  Since the voting poll widget is not working properly, please leave your vote by dropping a quick comment on this afternoon's post.

Marc, thank you for the cards, they are fantastic!! 

thanks for reading, Robert

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