Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yes, I'm 2 days late. Maybe I'm 3 days late. Or is it 11 days late?

Am I mistaken, or at one time did opening day start in Cincinnati?   So many things change that I can never keep up with it all.

Speaking of keeping up with everything, I am behind on some trades.  I've been fortunate lately to have received several emails from people who have been reading my dose of insanity here via a link on the trading card database.  One of those great readers is Jason W., who sent me a healthy dose of serial numbered cards, along with some other goodies.

Two of the cards that came by were from the 2014 Topps Opening Day release.  You know, the evil blue parallels that would be very tempting to chase if I didn't have 654 different collections already on my plate.

Not only are these the first two cards from this years OD to grace our presence, but each of the players featured on these cards make their first appearance in the SNI set.

First, let's meet Mr. Craig Kimbrel

Serial number 1340
I believe that this card needed to be horizontal in order to fit all of Kimbrel in.  Even Topps lists opening day as March 30th, so maybe the series in Australia didn't actually take place?   Kimbrel's card represents the 39th out of 50 for the Braves.

It's rookie cup time!!  How about Jedd Gyorko. 

Serial number 1024

See, cards like this would look great with the camo parallel that Topps had.  The camo uni and camo border would blend in together so well that the card may not even end up existing at all.

Gyorko's card is the 42nd out of 50 for the Friars.

There's plenty more from Jason to show, but I'll save those after I make sure that my insanity list is correct....ugh.

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Sweet Gyroko card. Hope you like the mailer I sent.