Friday, March 14, 2014

Week in review: Spent a little bit more than one week's budget

When card shows come around, I tend to let loose.  After all, if I only took $30 to a show to spend on the sets I'm currently working on, I wouldn't get very far.  So I spend a little bit more, load up on cards, and try to spend the next few weeks playing catch up by spending less.

Being able to spend a little more money allows me to make purchases like the following:

Love the sleeveless jerseys.  I wouldn't mind seeing more of those around baseball

Ron Willis looks kind of spaced out

I wonder how Dave Ricketts was able to wear those glasses under his catchers mask.

The majority of these cards were either 50 or 75 cents.  The Don Sutton at the bottom was $1 because of the crease that you can plainly see dividing his face in half. 

My favorite card of the bunch?  3rd scan, top left corner, Ted Savage.   Love the old school bear cub logo on the sleeve.   A close 2nd is the Bob Rodgers in the last scan. 

These 28 cards brought me to a total of 98 cards owned for the '68 set.  Exactly 500 to go!  I only need another 22 more cards to hit the goal of having 20% of the set owned by years end.  The '68 is a little more wallet friendly than the '62, so I am likely going to be pursuing this set a little more vigorously.  The burlap design is also growing on me quickly as I obtain more cards.

Total amount spent this week:  $90

I only spent $60 of that at the show, the other $30 was spent in a moment of weakness at Wal Mart last weekend on a bunch of cards encased in metal.  Another bad habit I'll describe in tomorrow's post.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I've said it before but I wish the Cubs would switch back to that sleeve patch. I've never liked the angry Cub. Same thing for the Blue Jays who did switch back. The Cubs need to be angry on the field, not on their jerseys.

    1. I thought of you when I saw that Cubs sleeve. I've seen on your blog (and other Cub bloggers) that the old time Cubs logo is a big favorite...

  2. As a completest I found that I had to buy some of the 68 allstar cards. Just to put together the Yaz poster that the backs make up. Had to do the same for the 69's