Tuesday, March 4, 2014

There's a reason I keep going back

I've bought stuff on eBay off and on for over a decade now.  I've used Sportlots for a couple of years to pick up some singles for sets that I'm working on.

In all those transactions, there's probably only one seller that I really have no qualms going back to on a regular basis.  Let me tell you why.

First, part of his Sportlots user name is "dork".  If that isn't right up my alley....

Second, the guy is just that damn good.   I ordered cards on Sunday night. I placed the order after 7 pm.  It's Tuesday, and the cards are already in my hands.  You just cannot beat that for turnaround. 

Yes, this seller lives in western PA as I do, so the cards should arrive quickly through the mail.  Even so, the speed at which he gets the cards to me is still unbelievable.  The cards are also well packaged, another plus.  And, unlike the one eBay seller that I bought a 25 card gold Topps lot from, the orders never get screwed up (that eBayer sent me emerald green instead....close).

I hit 3 different hockey sets that I've been working on in my order. 

For the most part, a lot of good talent on this scan.  Sometime soon, I'll start hitting the short prints that I need from the 2012-13 OPC set.  Still need 65 of them, so it might take a little time to round them all up.

If you thought there was talent on the first scan, this group of 7 includes 6 Hall of Famers, and the 7th who isn't in the HOF (Wilson) certainly had a great career in Chicago and San Jose.  The 2008-09 OPC set that I'm working on still has 28 SPs to go. With more to come in the other half of the order that has yet to arrive, I can see the light at the end of that tunnel.

Finally, I picked up 14 of the 95-96 Collectors Choice Players Club parallels.

With these 14 in, I finally hit the 2/3 mark.  With only 130 to go, and nearly 19 years gone by since this set was first released, I should complete this set sometime around 2024.  A lofty goal no doubt!

It would be nice to find a couple of other reliable sellers like this on eBay, but I certainly am not complaining.

I consider myself lucky to have found one great online seller that I can go back to again and again.  If there's a seller that you'd like to recommend because you've had good success with him/her, let me know in the comments.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Expect a PWE on the mail with the last two cards you need for the non-SPs in the OPC set in Eberle and Budaj. And maybe a Sakic or 3.

    Also, I've had luck the dork in the past, although now with shipping to Canada getting so costly, I generally wait on orders until they're either really large or PWE sized.

  2. I can't think of any sellers on eBay that I've made a connection with... but it's nice to hear that you've found one that you like to do repeat business with.