Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Six serial numbered cards, only five of them are crazy

I had to look twice.   I had to think twice.  Brian did this to me.  He sent me a card that fits two collections.  Ugh...

Serial #'d 442.  I need that.  Jim Thome 1998 Topps Stars  #132.  I need that for the Thome PC.

Unbelievably, the decision was easy.  There are thousands of other Topps cards with the serial #442, so this goes into the Thome PC.  Besides, Brian sent me 5 other cards that fit the SNI profile.

Serial # 1328
Not to be confused with the Sweathog teaching, poker playing Gabe Kaplan.  Kapler is the 39th out of 50 Red Sox cards to become part of the SNI set. 

Serial # 788
I'd forgotten that Dempster was a Red.  I'm sure that he'd like to forget those two years in Cincinnati.  8-12 with a 6.37 ERA.   Ouch.  This is the 37th Reds card out of the 50 needed.

Serial # 1309
Great looking horizontal card.  I need to follow baseball a little closer, because I'd never heard of this fellow until I saw this card.   Only 4 years in the bigs in the mid 00's I guess is the reason.  This card is the 26th out of 50 for the Rockies.

Serial # 505

I think I prefer this next Beckett a little more:

Yea, that's much better.

Serial # 494
Come on, somebody has to sign JP.  Only 6 more games to reach the magic 2000 number.  Beckett and Pierre are the 33rd and 34th Marlins to be part of SNI.

Just 405 more to go!   Thank you again Brian, great stuff!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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