Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heavy Metal

Before I get too deep into this post, I just wanted to give a shout out to the newest Blue Jays blogger on the block, Richard.   Richard sent me a great package of Blue Jays a few weeks back, and since then has started up his own blog, Toronto Blue Jays Collection.  

Richard, be warned, you'll be getting trade offers for Jays cards in no time!  Welcome to the blogosphere.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled trade post.  Brad, or "metalattorney" as the Red Sox Fan in Nebraska  blog lists him, worked out a small trade a few weeks ago.  I received his end of the deal today, and the goodies were great.

Let's start with a trio of '14 Wal Mart blues

This might the 4th or 5th copy I own of the Mark DeRosa card.  The novelty has already worn off.  I just read today that the Jays are considering Morrow in the 5th post.  Really?   I could see him as #3, behind Dickey and Buehrle.  I'm scratching my head trying to figure who else might be ahead of him.  I looked at the list of pitchers, and it's a mixed bag for sure.   I'm sure that those questions will be answered by the end of spring training.

Brad also sent me my first look at '14 Heritage:

The wife and I made a stop Saturday at the local Wal Mart, and they like many others around the blogosphere, did not have any on the racks.  Probably a good thing for me, as that reinforced my decision not to chase the set this year.

Don't get me wrong, it looks great!  Great mirror to the '65 set, the backs look great, and outside of the Rasmus photo, the cards look superb.  (Does Colby ever take a good picture?)  I'll just grab the Blue Jays team set from Heritage this year and be done with it. 

Finally, a couple of the Hometown Heroes cards from 2013 Panini found their way into the envelope.

I just took a better look at the Barfield card, and I'm wondering why they have him listed as Toronto while wearing Yankee gear.  The Jays never had anything black during his time in Toronto.  Oops

I'm wondering if EE is going to be able to keep up his power numbers.  78 HRs over the last 2 years isn't too shabby, and the batting average and walk numbers have both been respectable for a #4 hitter.  If Bautista stays healthy this season, I have a feeling that EE's numbers are going to climb even higher.

The best part about these 9 cards that came in?  They don't end up as part of a pile.  I finally got that giant pile of Jays cards on my desk sorted.  So these go right on the spreadsheet, and come off the Jays want list.   It's about time.....

Brad, thank you for the cards, they are very much appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Barfield must not have played on the Jays long enough for Panini to have a photo of him. I kid, of course.