Sunday, March 2, 2014

33 in 30

In order to reach my 1000 post milestone by the end of March, I have to post 33 times (including this post) in 30 days.  Certainly attainable, but again, I have to prod myself to get it started.

Not good.

To be honest, I think the weather this year has really "bagged my spirits" (for lack of a better slang phrase) and I just haven't felt up to posting lately.

However, I did do something useful yesterday.   I sent out 5 bubble mailers.  The total is now 10 (for 2014) with the help of those 5 mailers which are on their way to folks in the following zip codes.

T2Y 5E1

I still have more trades to complete from a couple of weeks back with Nick, Alex and a few other people.   Believe me, I'm getting there folks.  It's already great that the 2014 Topps insert pile has already shrunk by half!

One card rule still applies:

1962 Topps, card # 68

Outside of players who are known by their initials (J.P. Arencibia for example), how many cards do you see where the player's middle initial is listed on the card? 

Just another thing that struck me as interesting when I looked at this card.  Well that and the near unibrow. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. At that time, there was a Reds pitcher named Ken Hunt, too, and he had a card in the set. Interestingly, on his card, his initial (R) isn't listed. It just says "Ken Hunt"

  2. Middle initial huh? I don't recall seeing that before. I'll be rooting for the 33 in 30!