Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's a start

Got a lot going on right now.  Work has been busy the past couple of weeks with all the weather affecting the east coast.

I've been trying to keep up with writing on the blog, but it just hasn't happened like I want it to happen.  Skipping days here and there for one reason or another gives me a bit of a guilty conscience.

Today was no different.  I spent a few hours at home waiting for the gas man to come, only to find out several hours later that he was stuck at an emergency.  Because of that, my wife got to go out and get her new car without me (boo....) while I stayed and worked on one of the massive pile of Blue Jays that sits on my desk.  I had no choice but to get cracking on sorting through them today, because I received two large brown envelopes in the mail, full of guess what???

I will get to both of those mounds of cardboard goodness over the next couple of days. 

As I went through approximately the first 200 Blue Jay cards on my desk, I noticed something interesting.

More parallels.   Not just the insanity that is the flagship over the past few years.  Older parallels.  We're talking 90's style here folks.

SP silver?

As if chasing the base set wasn't bad enough, silver parallels for collectors to grab.  If I remember correctly, these cards weren't cheap back in the day either.

How about some Topps gold, before they were serial numbered.

If I remember, one a pack and 3 in a jumbo?  Something like that?  If I ever get around to doing a "best of Blue Jays" countdown, that Alomar card and the cloud of dust could be in there.

Even Score got into the act with their Gold Rush parallels.

Edges chip real easy on these

Watching John Olerud hit a baseball in 1993 was one of the best summer's I can remember.  His .363 average that year may be a club record that is never broken.  There's only one player that has come within 20 points since then (Delgado, .344 in 2000). 

Seeing all these parallels make me miss the regular base cards, such as these:

I didn't realize until after scanning that I paired a couple of Dave's together.   Night and day as far as their contributions to the club are concerned. 

Lemanczyk lasted 3 years in Toronto, and was the club's win leader in their first season with 13.  Considering they only won 54 games in 1977, getting 13 is quite an accomplishment.

Stieb still owns the only no-hitter in Blue Jays history, and is in the top 10 in most team pitching categories.  The stare on his card resembles what he did on the mound.  Stieb was as intense as they come.

Getting about 200 cards sorted into "need em got em" piles is a start. 

Speaking of piles, I did manage to get 4 envelopes in the mail today...

PWE's headed to:


Bubble mailer headed to:


Still have lots more to go, on both fronts.   Stay tuned...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. PWE headed my way? I think the blogging world has it out for me. LOL

  2. some of those mid-90s parallels were far more scarcer than others, like the stadium club first days and pinnacle museum collection cards... despite the production numbers of the main sets, the parallels are still relatively hard to find..