Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tunnel Vision

Since the beginning of 2014, I could probably be described as having tunnel vision.  This condition may or may not be a bad thing for me.  Keeping focused on certain goals is good for me, since I have a tendency to wander off and start purchasing cards that really don't fit what I'm trying to do with my collection.

On the other hand, tunnel vision has caused me to forget about a trio of great 70's sets that I had started a few months back. 

One of those sets is the '74 Topps set.

This is a pair of cards from a great starter lot that I bought several months back.  I have 40% of the set already.  Since I bought this, nothing.   I hadn't even thought about it until I started searching for something else this evening. 

How about a couple of cards from '76 Topps?

Love the Tito Fuentes hat!!  Don't know if I've ever seen another card of a player who had his name on his hat.  The Dwight Evans card was interesting to me as well, for a couple of reasons.  First, I don't ever remember seeing Evans without a mustache; he looks like a totally different person without one.  Second, in the background, is that the A's on the field?  I don't recall seeing a posed shot (although I'm sure some of you out there have) where another team is in the background.
This set is over half done, but I haven't even looked at buying any singles in quite a while.

Finally, how about a great mid 70's hockey set?  76-77 OPC anyone...

I fawned over these cards when I first received a lot from Dave over at Wax Stain Rookie a while ago.  I bought a few singles to get closer to the set a long time ago at the Hockey Expo in Toronto.  Then after that, nothing.   Totally forgot about it.  I would really love to see the team photos, such as these two, return to modern hockey sets.  We'll probably never see them again, but here's one guy that wouldn't be upset to see them return.

I was wondering what I was going to do if I started hitting some of my 2014 goals a little bit early.  I guess all I had to do was look around at what I had hidden....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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