Friday, January 3, 2014

The return of the weekly review

It's always weird when you have a holiday in the middle of the work week.  For me, it kind of breaks the week up into two shorter ones. 

What did I learn this week?  The power that is Phil Dunphy and the Modern Family TV show.

You may remember that my 7th goal for 2014 was a personal fitness goal, using the TV character as the inspiration.  That post was 2 days ago, and so far it has 271 hits.

HUH???  I'll get anywhere from 20-60 hits on a post, depending on the subject matter (very few people read the SNI posts....)  The crazy spike in Wednesday's post can only be from the mention of Phil.

Anyhow, what happened collection wise this week?  I spent a good portion of last night sorting through the two giant stacks of Blue Jays cards on my desk, and made some good headway.  I found the 4 gold parallels from 2013 you see in the scan below.

I also found a Bowman international parallel (I believe that is what they're called) of Jake Marisnick, who was part of the huge trade with the Marlins last year....

I do like this parallel, I'm partial to the US flag...

The last of the "important" finds in the first stack that I went through was this '87 Donruss card of Glenallen Hill.   Why is it important?  It finishes the '87 Donruss team set.  It's nice to get another team set out of the way.  It felt good to get started on the Jays goal of getting the want list updated and on the blog by the end of the first quarter of this year.

Amount spent on the hobby this week:  $0.00

That's good, because the monthly card show is tomorrow, and I'll need some extra funds for that.

I'm also on the 3rd day of being "retail free".  I mentioned that to my wife this evening, and told her that she's responsible if I crack.  (try to keep the spit take to a reasonable distance...)

26 days until the release of 2014 Topps series 1....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I believe that's the first shot of Glenallen I've seen where he's actually smiling. He always looked so serious when he played for the Cubs. Have fun at the card show!