Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Serial Insanity cards 1071-1075

These 5 cards are courtesy of Daniel at the great It's Like Having my Own Card Shop blog.  Daniel responded to one of my posts last week when I showed off some emerald Diamondbacks cards, and a trade was born.

5 closer to the 1500 mark, and the 2 New York teams hit the 48 out of 50 plateau in this post.


Card #1071: Ron Coomer

Serial Number:  1366
47th card out of 50 for the Yankees

I'll admit it, I had a tough time remember Ron Coomer when I saw this card.  It hit me why I couldn't remember him when I looked up his stats; he spent the better part of his career as a Twin in the mid to late 90's.  Ron had a decent big league career, 911 games played, hitting .274 with 92 HRs.  Also made the '99 All Star team in the AL.

Card #1072:  Paul Konerko

Serial Number:  569
32nd card out of 50 for the White Sox

Does Konerko need to hit 500 HRs to have a legitimate shot at the HOF?  It doesn't appear as though he'll reach 3000 hits; he will be 38 by the time opening day rolls around and he needs 703 more hits.  Paul needs 66 more HRs to reach 500, so unless he has a bit of a comeback year in 2014, and lands one more contract after that, 500 looks to be out of reach.

Card #1073:  Carlos Beltran

Serial Number:  1228
48th card out of 50 for the Mets

Probably a good thing that Carlos signed in the AL, because he can rest his knees more as a DH and still keep his bat in the lineup.  Carlos would probably like to see Kyle Lohse come to the AL, as he's had quite a bit of success against him (25/51 6 doubles, 4HR and 12 RBI).

Card #1074:  Nelson Cruz

Serial Number:  1257
45th card out of 50 for the Rangers

It's kind of interesting that he's still a free agent.  I'm sure that there are a lot of teams out there that can use a power hitting corner outfielder.   Nelson has more career home runs against Toronto (14) than any other non AL West team. 

Card #1075:  Alex Rodriguez

Serial Number:  303
48th card out of 50 for the Yankees

The way he's going right now, we might see a card in 2016 that reads "A-Rod Oldest to 700 Home Runs".

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Ron Coomer was the Twins only All Star in 1999.............(as reserve, but did get into the game)
    Thome was the starter 1B that year.

  2. Glad to play a small part in your Serial Insanity set!