Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just because I'm not here, doesn't mean I'm not around

I took a night off of posting last night.  But I didn't take a night off of working on the blog.  I actually spent some time working on the Blue Jays want list.  I've made it as far as 2006, so only 7 years to go (plus whatever comes out in 2014 by the time I finish the list).

I also saw some weird, wild and wonderful things happen in the world over the past 36 hours.

  • The Cubs have a mascot.  Clark is his name.  Sorry Cubs fans.  Though the Clark GRIZZWOLD tweet I saw yesterday was quite humorous.
  • The Leafs exorcised some of the demons from last May's devastating game 7 loss to the Bruins last night.  I happily listened to the boys in blue hang on (this time) to beat the B's.
  • I saw a player get a contract today that almost pays him $1,000,000 per start.  Think about that one kids...a million bucks for approximately 2-2.5 hours of work.   Makes me realize that I should have listened to my coach when I played organized baseball at the age of 10.
I also feel more involved in the blogosphere so far in 2014, likely because I've been a part of more trades with fellow bloggers.  I'm pretty sure with the 6 envelopes I sent last weekend, combined with the 2 I'm going to have out by this weekend, that I've sent more so far this year than I did for a good portion of 2013.

I'm also happy with what appears to be a new found focus that I've had so far this year.   Not only have I done well with the fitness portion of my life (I'm closing in on 25 minutes on the elliptical), but my focus on anything card related has also been much better.

The "2013 Robert" would have completely taken last night off and not done anything.  But adding 2006's Blue Jay wants to the list is a step in the right direction for me.

It's going to be even better when I can start crossing cards like this off of the list.

now THIS is what a Gold Medallion parallel should look like

These will be more great cards to cross off the list as well.

The stack of Jays that I have to go through is still quite high (maybe 250-300) on the desk, but for some reason it doesn't look quite as daunting as well.

I know that something is different for me in 2014, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Stay tuned...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Cool thing about the David Wells card is that the Gold Medallion words are making an 'arch' that looks like the ball trajectory.