Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue and White Monday: '96 you make the play Joe Carter

Updating the Blue Jays "have list" over the past few days has been interesting to say the least.   I'd say that I've managed to sort through about 300 cards out of the 2 gigantic piles, with roughly equal portions of doubles and non-doubles.

I started looking through the stack that is remaining and found this card, an insert from the '96 Collectors Choice release.  It is card #11 of Joe Carter.

Since I'd never seen any cards like this before, my curious mind started searching.  What threw me for a few minutes is the bottom scan, which if you can zoom in shows the copyright year as 1995.  So I went hunting through all of Joe's cards during 1995 and couldn't find anything.

I did a Google image search and came up with an eBay auction of a Cal Ripken card from the same set, and only then did I discover that the card was actually from 1996 CC,  and that there are 2 cards for each of the players in the set. 

I'll have to make sure that when I catalog this particular card I use the "double" as well, as the other card will likely have some other baseball play to identify it.

That is what's great about going through all these cards, you never know what someone is going to send you.  

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You've inspired me. I'm going to sort through some Rangers right now.