Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 1041-1045

5 more cards on the way to 1500...thanks to Pat and Brian for their contributions featured here.

Card #1041:  Carl Crawford

Serial Number:  1268
40th card out of 50 for the Rays

A little bit more than $82 million over the next 4 years is owed to Carl by the Dodgers.   Any chance that they might try and unload some, if not all of that deal to another team?

Card #1042:  Pablo Sandoval

Serial Number:  704
30th card out of 50 for the Giants

It seems as if Sandoval has been around forever, and yet he's only 27.  $8.25 million might be pretty cheap for him this year, and free agency should look mighty good to him at the end of the 2014 campaign if he has another solid season.

Card # 1043:  Adam Warren

Serial Number:  548
46th card out of 50 for the Yankees.

Only 4 more cards left before the Yankees "fill up".  2 of his 34 appearances were starts in 2013, but his longest outing was a scoreless 6 inning relief appearance against the A's in June.  The Yanks lost that game 3-2 with Warren not figuring in on the decision.

Card #1044:  Buster Posey

Serial Number:  1247
31st card out of 50 for the Giants

Did you know that the NL MVP in 2012 earned just $615,000?  The guy who finished third in voting that year made just $500,000.  Who says that you need to pay a boat load of money to get MVP material??

Card #1045:  Jonathan Pettibone

Serial Number:  1030
33rd card out of 50 for the Phillies

In his 18 starts Jonathan kept the Phils in the ball game.  11 times he left the game with a difference of 2 runs or less, and 4 other times the Phils were ahead by 3 or more runs.  I'm curious to see if he'll get a longer look this year now that Philly is down one pitcher...maybe more if the trade rumors are true.

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