Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Me and Brandon Magee

Very similar to the post from the Night Owl yesterday, I also received a Christmas card with a generous card present inside from Duff at the Bleedin' Brown and Gold blog.

It was just one card, an auto card from 2007 Bowman Sterling of Brandon Magee, #'d 199/199.

Brandon Magee is not to be confused with the Cleveland Browns player of the same name.  Magee never pitched in a regular season game for the Jays, only reaching as high as AA in 2009.  He pitched in Gary, IN in an independent league in 2010 before leaving baseball for good. 

Even though he never made it to the majors, it's still cool to have this card, and I definitely want to say thank you to Duff for his generosity!!

Merry Christmas to you all out there in the blogosphere.

thanks for reading, Robert

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