Monday, November 18, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 1021-1025

I often have wondered if I would tire of this project.  I didn't realize when I first thought of this idea a couple of years ago the massive undertaking that the SNI project would be.

Now that I'm over 1000 cards, I think that this is where the project is going to start getting more interesting for me (and hopefully for you).

There are several teams in the 40+ card range, and as they hit the 50 mark and "drop off" the serial numbers will get that much harder to fill.  (Hint Hint, Astros, Tigers, Rockies and Orioles are in desperate need of your help!)

Enjoy the next 5...

Card # 1021:  Mark Teixeira

Serial Number:  1359
45th card out of 50 for the Bronx Bombers

You may or may not have seen this card recently on the blog.   I actually chose to use the copy I received from Jeff over at the Cards from the Attic blog (don't ask me why).  Chances are if Mark gets a hit off of Bruce Chen, it's for extra bases.  Teixeira has 11 hits against the lefty, 2 doubles and 7 homers giving him a SLG pct. of 1.545.   Not bad...

Card # 1022:  Carlos Beltran

Serial Number:  947
41st card out of 50 for the Cardinals

I'm sure that Carlos is going to get one more contract at good money, probably for 2 years, and my guess would be it will be in the AL so he can DH and help the wear and tear on his body.  I think 3000 hits may be out of reach, with Carlos needing 772 more to reach that milestone. 

Card # 1023:  C.C. Sabathia

Serial Number:  71
36th card out of 50 for the Indians

I don't think until I started building the insanity set that I saw a Topps Co-Signers card ever before.  This is now one of my favorite releases, largely because of the 2 player front with the "prominent" player being in color in the foreground.  C.C. won 14 games despite career worst stats in ERA, WHIP and runs allowed.  The hits allowed in 2013 was the 3rd most in his career.  205 career wins at age 33, anyone want to guess how old he'll be when he hits 300 wins?

Card # 1024:  Darin Erstad

Serial Number:  953
43rd card out of 50 for the Angels

As valuable a player as the Angels had in the 2002 World Series championship, Darin hit .352 (25/71) and scored 14 runs in wins over the Yankees, Twins and Giants.  Hands up if you remember him winning the Gold Glove at 1B in 2004....

Card # 1025:  Yonder Alonso

Serial Number:  1050
35th card out of 50 for the Reds

I'm not trying to be a smart ass, but Yonder is probably my favorite first name in all of baseball.  The jury is still out on the trade that brought him to San Diego, but it still is looking like the Reds have gotten the better of the deal so far.  One of the players (Volquez) was released by the Padres over the summer, Brad Boxberger has pitched fairly well in limited action over 2 seasons, and Yasmani Grandal took a step backwards last year, numbers wise.  The 3 players the Padres have left are all still young, so time may change how that deal looks down the road....

Shh...don't repeat this, but this is my 900th post...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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