Sunday, November 17, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 1016-1020

A full house if you will of cards today.

3 Topps 2010 gold cards over 2 Bowman Chrome purple parallels.

I've decided since I've fallen behind again on the insanity posts, I'm going to use the next few days to catch up.   Less stress on me during my busy season at work, and since there's likely not going to be any new cards coming into the house over the next couple of weeks (at least via my wallet), I'm going to do my best to get it all on the blog and update the want list.

Enjoy the next 5!

Card # 1016:  Elvis Andrus

Serial Number:  553
44th card out of 50 for the Rangers

This is another one of the guys who makes you scratch your head when you see that he's only 25 years old, but he already has 5 years of service in MLB.  If you had to complain about something, what would it be?  Maybe that a lot of the shortstops in today's game are sluggers or high average guys.   Elvis is neither, but I'd still take him on my team because his fielding is improving (career low 14 errors last year), he plays for the team (average of 16 sacrifice bunts over the past 4 years) and plays an average of 150 games a season.

Card # 1017:  Jeff Francoeur

Serial Number:  928
42nd card out of 50 for the Metropolitans

Doesn't it seem like Jeff has been around more than 9 seasons?  Didn't have the kind of season a player wants to have heading into free agency, hitting a combined .204 with 3 HRs in 2013.  At 29, I'm sure that there's someone out there who will probably invite him to spring training on a minor league tryout...

Card # 1018:  Daniel Murphy

Serial Number:  1449
43rd card out of 50 for the guys from Shea

I remembered writing a post about Mr. Murphy awhile back, and my remembrance was that he played 2nd base, even though his 2010 Topps card above lists him as a first baseman.  Turns out he did play 1st base back in 2009, and after missing all of 2010 and the last 2 months of 2011 with knee injuries, he has settled into the 2nd base position for the Mets, and is doing quite well offensively.

Card # 1019:  Josh Stinson

Serial Number:  749
44th card out of 50 for the Mets

This post accidentally turned out to be very Mets-centric.  Josh had quite the week between March 29th and April 4th of 2013, getting waived and selected twice in that same week!  Stinson wound up with the Orioles, and appeared in 11 games, posting an ERA of just over 3 and a WHIP below 0.8.  With those numbers you would think he'd get a long look in spring training this year...

Card # 1020:  Jon Pettibone

Serial Number:  688
31st card out of 50 for the Phillies

I wasn't sure if I remembered Pettibone, then I took a look at his stats and now I know.  Sort of a 5th starter for the Phillies for a portion of the 2013 season, Pettibone started 18 games, going 5-4 with a 4.04 ERA.  Jon also had as many hits (3) as he did walks as a hitter.  Denard Span is 3 for 3 against Pettibone, while at the other end, Travis Snider is 0 for 5 career wise.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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