Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 1 at the Expo: More walking than buying

My camera phone skills at work again

I figured I'd get the photo up right away for this post rather than making you wait.  These two cards were the highlights of my first day at the Expo.  They came from one table that had dollar boxes of  cards from various years.   I went through them and found 16 cards for the 71-72 OPC set that I started a short time ago.   Among those 16 were the two cards you see above.  For a dollar apiece, I couldn't leave them there.

The only other table that I bought cards from was one that had several boxes of modern OPC singles.  I wound up buying a bunch of singles for a couple of different sets, including a bunch of SPs from the 2008-09 set.  I had priced them out to be $45, and when the dealer handed the cards back to me and asked for only $25, my day was made.

Spending a total of $40 on cards the first day was a lot better than I expected to do.  I put a good dent into a couple of modern sets, got a nice group of cards for an older set, and avoided the discount wax that I usually succumb to at this show. 

Tomorrow I'll hopefully add to my Joe Sakic collection, and maybe dig up something that I didn't see in my 3.5 hours today. 

I'll let you know....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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