Saturday, November 2, 2013

At least I can say that one of my 2013 goals is complete

I decided at the beginning of 2013 to set a bunch of collecting goals for myself, as a lot of other bloggers do.  In some cases, I've done all right with following them.  In other cases, they've been an absolute write off.  In hindsight, looking at what I set for myself at the onset of the year, I went a little overboard. 

I did manage to hit one of my goals today at the monthly card show.  I purchased nothing but vintage, and with the 12 cards I bought for the '64 set, I'm now over 60% complete.

The 12 cards I bought worked out to a 6-6 split.

Here's the 6 low numbers...

I was happy to pickup another of the leaders cards that start the set off.  I only need three more to complete the leaders set. I also decided to grab cards today that were in better condition than the VG level I've been picking a lot of lately.  Naturally, they cost a little more, but they were worth it. 

I also picked up 6 high number cards, 4 semi highs and 2 of the high number cards.

I always like looking at the rookie cards and seeing what players accomplished during their careers.  The name Paul Speckenbach was one that I had never heard of before, and for good reason.  I did a Google search of his name, and the 6th entry was none other than GCRL's post about him just over 3 years ago.  Wayne Schurr only pitched 1 season in the majors.  In 1964 he pitched in 26 games and had no record.  There is a quick post about him as well over at the Great 1965 Topps Project blog

I also decided to grab a few more '62s today, 10 altogether.  Here's the best of the bunch...

I think the the win leaders card is the first Warren Spahn card that I own.  I have tried to pick up any of the Alou brothers cards quickly when I see them on the cheap.  A poor man doesn't like to spend a lot of cash on Cash, and getting the All-Star card for $2 was something I couldn't pass up.  I haven't really attacked the 62 set with any gusto, but with the 10 cards I picked up today, I'm just over 10% complete.  A long way to go, but there's no hurry with this set.

Today might be the first time ever that I went to a card show with an actual plan, and stuck to it.  I didn't purchase a card newer than 1973.

Let's see if I can make it two shows in a row next weekend.  Since I will spend two days walking around the Expo, I'm sure that at one time or another, I'll lose my way.

But what a way to go....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Nice set additions. It's always cool to look athletes up and find bloggers' posts near the top of Google lists. Good luck with the sets and the goals.