Monday, October 28, 2013


This post is the tale of two PWE's that I received in the mail today.  Why is the post called "three" you ask? Three cards were in those two envelopes.

One of the envelopes I was expecting to arrive, and it contained one card.  The other envelope was a pleasant surprise from a fellow blogger, and it contained two cards.

The first envelope was an eBay auction that I won last week for one of the remaining '75 Topps cards to complete my set, # 180 Joe Morgan.

I paid $3.99 + $1.99 shipping for the card.  For that price, the card arrived on my doorstep in a PWE, in a top loader with the front of the top loader taped to a piece of cardboard.  There wasn't a penny sleeve used, and everyone knows what happens to a card when it is placed in a top loader without a penny sleeve.  Tip it over, and it falls out.  The card was sticking about a quarter of the way out of the top loader when I opened the envelope.


This is what I get for impulse buying.  Two of the five cards I bought on last Monday's buy-a-thon were minis, the third was the Morgan you see above, and the other two were actually in good shape when they arrived.  Not only did I learn my lesson about impulse buying, but I've also learned to look a lot more closely when I buy cards from eBay and make sure that shippers use bubble envelopes.  I understand that people are looking to save a buck wherever they can, but I'm sure that sellers that do well on eBay (and any other selling forum for that matter) do so because of repeat business.  I will not be a repeat customer for that seller.

Bitch fest over.  By the way, I'm down to three cards to complete the '75 set.  I hope to obtain those this weekend.

The other two cards that arrived in a PWE came from Pat over at the Hot Corner blog.  A pair of gold birds were found inside this unexpected pleasure...

I haven't heard anything regarding Ricky Romero and what his status will be for 2014 and beyond.  I imagine that the Jays are going to have to eat his salary for the next 2 years and buy him out after 2015 unless a miraculous turnaround occurs.

The Adam Wainwright on the right is another piece of the serial insanity puzzle.  One is better than none!
Thank you very much Pat for the unexpected PWE!!

I also received another dose of generosity today from another blogger, and that will get its own post tomorrow (hopefully).

Thanks for reading, Robert

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