Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some PC from the DK

You have to love the emails you get that ask for your address and say "I've got free cards for you".

Free is good.  I know this because I've received free stuff in the past. 

This envelope I received yesterday from Kevin at The Diamond King blog was a great one to see.  Kevin sent me a very nice lot of cards for the SNI project. 17 of them as a matter of fact, and lots of serial numbered cards that size that fit the project have been few and far between.  That's to be expected because as the want list dwindles down, the groups will be smaller.   It'll be even more fun to find the cards as some of the teams start to fill up and get crossed off the list.  There's a few teams that are close to that threshold now, so keep an eye out for that.

The other part of the envelope contained the PC cards that entitled this post.  The Jim Thome PC jumped by 10 yesterday!

Lots of shiny stuff as well...

I especially like the '97 Score card on the bottom, I thought I might have to do a little digging to find out what kind of parallel it is, but the scripted writing on the back states that it is a "Showcase Series" card.  Score may not have been the greatest brand of cards in the 90's, but for parallel nuts such as myself, they sure made it easy to figure out what parallel you owned, because they usually identified it on the back.  The Metal card on the upper right didn't scan too well, but it's a great card when held to the light.

Die cuts?  Yes, a couple of them are in there as well, including one that I'd never seen anywhere before...

The Cheap Seat Treats insert on the left is a very interesting concept,.  You actually have to fold the seat down in order to see the entire picture of Thome (or whatever player you may have).  Not sure if I would have liked this concept when it came out in the 90's,   The Platinum Power card on the right got me thinking, mostly about the color of Platinum.  I never thought that platinum had a brownish tinge.  I guess the right color for this card would have made it more striking (for lack of a better word).  None the less, still a great card to have in the collection.

 How about a Star Rookie card of Thome holding a couple of bats and tossing a baseball.  Yes please!
The New Age performers insert card reminds me of the Big Bang Theory show with the spinning atoms.  The Team 2000 cards I remembered from Score hockey in the early 90's, and it appears that the concept worked quite well with baseball as well (at least in this case).

A fantastic envelope of cards, totally out of the blue.   Thank you very much Kevin, the cards are greatly appreciated!!

Blogger generosity strikes again...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. That is totally someone else on that UD Star Rookie. No frigging way Thome ever looked that young.